Through the Flood: How Conflict and Climate Change are Converging in South Sudan

Serving the most vulnerable often means accessing the furthest, hardest-to-reach places in order to meet those in greatest need. For Daniel Erwaga, it meant riding through waist-deep flood waters on a 4×4 all terrain vehicle to assist farmers whose fields had been flooded in South Sudan. Over the last three years, record amounts of rainfall…

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Emergency in Haiti: Cholera Outbreak

Doctors of the World: Preparation to Respond to the Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

For the past few months, Doctors of the World has been watching the rapid deterioration of the medical and health situation across Haiti, and the daily violence that the civilian population has to endure. Despite the insecurity in the country, DotW continues to provide institutional and community support while trying to meet the most urgent needs within the limits of what the security situation allows.

Doctors of the World calls on all parties to respect the places and the medical staff, whose work is crucial in the face of the deterioration of the health situation. DotW is particularly concerned by the resurgence of cholera cases, three years after the end of cholera in Haiti. Haiti had endured a brutal cholera outbreak between 2010 to 2019 that took thousands of lives. Through the mobilization of health actors in Haiti, including DotW, the outbreak was finally controlled. Besides preventing another cholera outbreak, safe access to health care providers and funding for services is urgently needed to prevent high levels of unintended pregnancies, maternal deaths, and to protect women and girls from sexual violence. The crisis from Haiti will likely not be resolved quickly, but irregardless access to healthcare is a fundamental human right, and we must continue to ensure that everyone, especially the most vulnerable populations, have access to the care they need. 
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