15/12: 10 men stuck at the Evros/Meriç river in a swamp

<b>Watch The Med Alarm Phone Investigations – 14th of December 2021</b>

<i>Case name</i>: 20191024-Balkans * 840<i>Situation</i>: 10 men stuck at the Evros/Meriç river in a swamp, returned to Turkey on their own <i>Status of WTM Investigation</i>: Concluded<i>Place of Incident</i>: Balkans

<i>Summary of the Case:</i> On the 15th of December we were informed in the early morning about 10 men stuck in a swamp due to river flooding close to the Evros/Meriç river, on the Greek side. We reached the people who told us they were stuck since the 13th of December. At 07:30 CET we informed the responsible authorities about the situation. At 08:25 CET the travellers told us they were on their way back to Turkey on their own. At 09:35 CET they confirmed that they arrived safely in Turkey.

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