I Was No Longer Safe in My Country: Yomardy’s Story of Seeking Asylum

“I am from Venezuela. One of the most wonderful countries in South America.”

To hear Yomardy describe her home country, you might wonder what could possibly have caused her to leave. Why did she eventually end up seeking asylum? In Venezuela, the terrain is beautiful and diverse. There are deserts, mountains, and beaches. Incredible views. The way that Yomardy describes it, the people in her community were kind, honest, outgoing, and humble.

Yomardy speaks of the women she knew with great admiration. She describes them as “amazing.” As brave. Strong. And that, despite adversity, they consistently showed up for their children. No matter what, they took care of their families.

“The most beautiful thing that Venezuela has is its people. We had and we still have many resources. But since 1998, everything started to change. ”

Yomardy, an immigrant from Venezuela

Why did Yomardy leave this country she loved full of people she admired? Watch her share her story of risk, fear, and perseverance as she chose to seek asylum in the United States. Because she knew it was her chance at safety.

Serving Asylum Seekers and Asylees

World Relief Chicagoland believes that everyone deserves a chance to seek safety and a better life. Like refugees, asylum seekers like Yomardy flee their homes because of threats to their safety and well-being. But unlike for refugees, the federal government does not have financial provision for them. They must wait for a legal decision on their asylum claim. Yet they have no way to provide for themselves or their families. And this puts asylum seekers in an even more vulnerable situation.

Since 2019, World Relief Chicagoland has served asylum seekers at their most vulnerable. With your help, the H.O.M.E. program provides Housing, Opportunity, Mutuality (Transformative relationships), and Empowerment for asylum seekers in our community. Will you partner with us to serve asylum seekers today? Gather a group from your church or community to serve as a Good Neighbor Team with the H.O.M.E. program in Chicago today. This is one way you can have a life-changing impact on someone else seeking safety.

Watch other stories of transformation on World Relief Chicagoland’s YouTube channel!

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