Slums in France

Crisis in the Slums: Eviction with poor efforts to relocate. 

In 2018, the French President Emmanuel Macron, declared his desire to reduce the existence of slums in his speech on France’s fight against poverty. Along with this speech, strategies were shared on how to allow people effective access to housing, work, and also to a stabilized course of care and schooling for children. Unfortunately, the current approach is struggling to produce positive effects on the ground, and a large number of prefectures continue to evict without relocating. 

The reality is that France prefers to eradicate slums through the demolition of these habits, without providing open access to housing for populations living in poverty and in unsanitary conditions. These repeated evictions have serious consequences on the health of people living in slums in France: not only are they excluded from the health system, but they also break the continuity of care and make it difficult to prevent and fight against epidemics. This disastrous policy has been denounced by the National Consultative Commission on Human Rights and the European Commissioner for Human Rights.

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